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Become the sovereign, radiant, creative individual you are born to be!

Embodied Leadership offers practical and powerful tools and a community to support you in your evolution.

Your Embodied Journey

Embodied Purpose is a year-long journey, divided into the 4-seasons. We create a community of leaders on a live video call every week. Each lesson is supported by a curriculum that has been honed over several years. 

The course is structured to support you in finding the continuous energy and well-being that springs from living in deep alignment with your calling. We know it works because we have already witnessed the transformation of so many!


Embodied Leadership is a transformative program that inspires and facilitates personal alignment. This program continues to have a meaningful, lasting impact on my life. Since joining the group last fall of 2017, I have established a new relationship and connection with my body.  I used to order take-out almost everyday and hardly ever prepared my own meals. When Tirza taught us about listening and responding to our needs, I learned that I relied on food for immediate gratification instead of nourishment. AfteralI, I just wanted to feel good. Food felt like the easiest solution. I learned how to challenge false assumptions that influenced day to day decisions. For example, I assumed that I didn't have the discipline or time or [insert any excuse] to eat at home and now I regularly enjoy delicious, nourishing meals from my kitchen! This effective, supportive program has resulted in heightened self-awareness. I am learning how to connect with my needs and welcome joyfulness and delight.  My new habits and discipline continued to develop and solidify when I took a  break from the program during the summer season. As someone who craves structure and continuous improvement, I recently returned for the fall session to build upon the foundation, expand awareness, strengthen connection and receive Joy.
Autumn Herzer
Embodied Leadership is a creative masterclass where Tirza teaches you to unleash your inner genius. I feel on fire after going through this course; I’ve worked through blocks and improved my writing in ways that I couldn’t have previously imagined. I’ve learned to tap into an inner electricity and motivation that will help drive me in all aspects of life. Highly recommend.
Jeff Pawlak - Entrepreneur

Through the seasons of Embodied Living you will:

  1. Connect to your power as a creator
  2. Clarify your calling and begin living into your true identity
  3. Gently repattern your habitual mind to support small changes that lead to major breakthroughs
  4. Learn to ask for and receive the support you need to thrive
  5. Embody your calling in everything you do - including how you nourish your body
  6. Cultivate your intuition and inner authority (mind)
  7. Develop clear boundaries that support you having the time and energy to focus on your work
  8. Open your heart to receiving the support and opportunities you deserve
  9. Foster self-expression and self renewal
  10. Move toward ikigai - aligning your vocation with your purpose and your unique gifts

Your Creative Blueprint

Whether your expansion is calling you inward or outward, a key outcome of this process is personal integration. Integration looks and feels differently for each person and we are committed to nurturing your unique journey to embodiment.
Each journey is unique, yet, in our work with hundreds of individuals, a few distinct creative blueprints consistently emerged. Here they are. Do you resonate with any of these, or does your narrative differ?

Please share your inklings with us. Reach out and discover how Embodied Purpose may support your Creative Expression.

What you will Learn

To achieve anything in life, from feeling great in your body, to writing a book or raising funds for your company, you need a good plan.
We will support you with our step-by-step VIMMOSH system of Embodied Leadership:


Help you define your vision for the season, the year and your life.


Creating a clear understanding of who you want to become by doing this process


Opportunities for celebration and the experience of completion towards your bigger goal


How you know your heading in the right direction


Internal and external barriers and complications to achieving your goal


The processes you are using to achieve your outcome


What you are doing on the daily. Each habit needs an anchor and a process of recording.

What you will receive

Recorded weekly call

Companion booklet

Resource library




Everything on the planet aligns with the seasons, except our human minds. 

Our bodies align with the seasons, but we think we don’t.

Our Gregorian calendar was created in a manner that misaligns with the natural rhythms of the seasons. Ever wondered why most people fail miserably with New Year’s Resolutions? Especially in the Northern Hemisphere?

Especially trying to lose weight?

Winter is a time for hibernation, sleeping more, for eating more. It’s not the best time to shed weight and push the high impact exercise. That is what late winter and early spring. Which is why, in a lot of ancient traditions, Spring Equinox was the beginning of the year. 

We align with the seasons having each 13 weeks starting at each Equinox and Solstice. Making it one year of deep work and rigor.

We also pay attention to the nuance each season brings and what is best to focus on.

Winter is not the best season to start new projects but a good season to plan. Spring works better for planting. Winter, being a more introspective time, is actually a great time for cleaning up all those dusty corner. 

Summer is when we are all out, creating, meeting, celebrating. It is also a great time for exercising, and stretching ourselves.

Fall is harvest season , where we reap the fruits of our labors and start planning for the winter.

Even as Climate Change disrupt this natural order, there is still a desire to align and return to these natural ways. 

 We know that big results and breakthroughs take big work, and big work takes time. 

Over the past few years, we noticed that people joining us for three seasons or more achieved the most breakthroughs and transformations in their lives. This is why we created this year program.

You can join us for a season or the whole year.

You can also start with one season and add the next as you decide – it’s up to you and we welcome you to make it work for you and your life.